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Jumbo Ice Cubes

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The Jumbo Ice Ball Maker makes large round ice balls that keep drinks colder longer without diluting your beverage. Fill and freeze these 2.5 inch round spheres for a fun ice cube alternative. Jumbo Ice Balls are perfect for Whiskey, Bourbon or other Liquors. Easily fill them with fruit, herbs, etc. for a fun twist to any drink. Perfect for entertaining to add into pitchers, cocktails, punch bowls and tumblersso drinks stay cooler for longer. Key Features: • 2 Jumbo 2.5" ice balls that produce spheres that last longer and do not dilute drinks that quickly. • Durable Silicone Cap for easy fill of water, fruits, herbs, etc. • BPA-free, Dishwasher safe on top-rack SKU: 1213 UPC: 811039024659